Thursday, May 5, 2011

Podcast Episode 3 - In Which Eji Embarrasses Herself

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Episode 3's here and ready for your listening ears.

This week's hosts:
Eji - Your host!  Videogame animator and vocal game debater
Colin - Co-host yet again!
Adam - Co-host and peanut gallery :D.

This week's topics:
Call of the Dead
Bioware delays
Wii2 speculations
FPS game discussion
...and more random stuff!

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  1. Call of the Dead is my favorite map yet. Romero is the new perk monkey!

  2. "frank miller's kinda a duche" hahaha good one. Wish i could have been there to describe how insane it was to produce call of the dead. Great hearing you all talk about it.